Salary analyses and databases

Salary analyses and market comparison


  • Statistical salary analysis
  • Gross monthly salaries – real salary figures
  • Gross salary variations within organisations
  • Proportion of basic pay and variable pay in gross monthly salary
  • Changes in basic pay
  • Gross monthly wage by county



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Pro database salary analyses



Salary Databases


  • More than 400 occupations by ISCO 4-digit codes
  • Wages in organisations
  • Employee wages
  • Employee wage expectations
  • Average, median, quartiles (Q1, Q3), percentiles (10th, 90th)
  • Salary comparison of up to five occupations as a graph
  • Different search filters
  • Visualisation: charts and tables
  • Export to PDF, CSV, JPG



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Pro database screen 2018 




The consultations are based on the surveys of labour market and salaries conducted by the Salary Information Agency twice a year. 

  • Analyses of wages and salaries market position
  • Analyses of bonuses and variable pay systems
  • Benefits – offered and expected 
  • Expectations of different groups of employees
  • Labour market behavior of different groups of employees
  • Flexible work arrangements


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